Detect Bed Bugs More Broadly With K9 Inspection

K9, for years, have been called on for their keen sense of smell, whether by police for detecting narcotics and firearms or search and rescue crews for locating missing persons. Now dogs can be employed to detect pests where the eye cannot see.

Bed bugs are more resistant than ever before, and in order to keep up with the evolving critters, pest removal companies must also adapt. This article explains how k9 (canine) bed bug inspection works and why it is leading the way in detection services.

600 hours of training

A certified inspection dog undergoes hundreds of hours of technical K9 detection training, in a similar manner to police and military dogs. Much of this education is done in tandem with the canine’s human technician, which forms the dog/human unit offered by leading pest removal companies.

A variety of breeds are called on for detection services, including the beagle, border collie, and spaniels-breeds that are historically known for their hard-working and intelligent demeanor. The handler is, of course, also highly trained and skilled in pest detection.

Early detection is a key

As with any pest problem around the home, eliminating the threat before it is abundantly evident to the eye is in your best interest. Canine inspection services are recommended as dogs detect bed bugs faster than a trained human technician alone.

This may include behind walls and baseboards, beneath carpeting, or inside furniture, appliances and mattresses. K9 can also sniff out the tiny eggs that are difficult to notice by eye. Confirming bug activity early can save your family from the torment of bites and a visual presence in the home.

90% accuracy rate

This method of pest detection boasts a success rate far higher than human-only services, which can offer only a 30% rate of accuracy. In fact, it is the team of dog and handler working together that makes this system the most reliable option available.

First, the dog will be brought into a room where activity is suspected, sniffing about the area to detect bugs. The technician will then investigate the potential problem area to confirm live activity. From there, the technician will determine the full extent of the pest presence.

Keeps costs down

By locating exactly where in the home pest activity is present-and before an infestation has fully developed-homeowners can respond to the problem with targeted treatment on a smaller scale as opposed to a full-scale fumigation of the entire home.

This method is also worthwhile for prospective property owners. Catching bugs during routine inspections before the property is purchased can prove valuable before long.

Bed bugs have demonstrated to be a most formidable threat and should be responded to with the best defense possible.

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